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Defying The Odds

There is no other feeling like it. When everyone says it cannot be done and all of a sudden, the mission is completed. Our FATHER loves an underdog story to make sure that all glory goes back to HIM. One would submit that as a selfish thought if he/she is not acquainted with this very […]

To Be Led

Every bone in you wants to do as its so wishes when in actual sense we are destined to be led and follow rather than to be left to our own carnal desires. The question is to be led by who ? A kid would say their parent but what would the parent say in […]

What Is Next?

I pray to my Master for a sense of purpose and destiny so that I can fill alive. Alas, one is given to me but it is to be completed after a set season. What am I to do after this season is over; ask for another task? Many have experienced the same fate as […]