To Be Led

Every bone in you wants to do as its so wishes when in actual sense we are destined to be led and follow rather than to be left to our own carnal desires. The question is to be led by who ? A kid would say their parent but what would the parent say in the same understanding?

It seems like a cat and mouse game that is constantly evolving ; and if indeed it evolves, then it means there must be an end at a certain point. The end of the world or the beginning of a new one? Either way the point exists at a certain point.

I believe there is a life after this one and one has to be led while he/she continues to live in the present one. Don’t conform to the patterns of this one we are told meaning there has to be a alternative pattern to be understood, hence, we are to be led.

So many human metaphors and philosophies try to answer the question that only the good book can conclusively explain. Who are we to be led by? Some of us know HIM as HE, some as MASTER, some as FATHER. HE is the embodiment of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. You can also call HIM Yahweh as my personal favourite.

I grew up observing different mentors to understand the path of existence only to realise that no man knows it all. So why follow man at all? I achieved a lot of what these men achieved at least in theory and experienced nothing but vanity and emptiness. Those around me thought that I was literally mad because they wanted what I had even though I got to a place where I wanted none of it.

I have learnt to follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit as the Father demands us to. It leaves me with so many more questions but the comfort of knowing that in HIM they are all answered. Like the Israelites, we indulge on the manna of the day knowing not to keep it any of it for the next. The following day will have manna of its own as it did its predecessor date.

HE wants to lead us to a better state of mind, a better understanding of TRUTH, a place where only a chosen few will make it to depending on how dedicated we are to this following. Many are called but few are chosen as it is said. Such a mystery as to why it should be this way but then again who is man to question HIS ways. I go deeper with every contemplation in mind seeking to understand why it had to be this way until it hits me that there is no other way or alternative to what has already been ordained.

So I continue to be led….