Defying The Odds

Born Again Entertainment

There is no other feeling like it. When everyone says it cannot be done and all of a sudden, the mission is completed. Our FATHER loves an underdog story to make sure that all glory goes back to HIM. One would submit that as a selfish thought if he/she is not acquainted with this very FATHER.

To climb to the top of mountain and later scream in victory is natural yet HE requires a quiet introspective response to keep us knowing that it is only through HIM. I have personally defied many odds in my short life and I continue to make it a lifestyle.

Be that as it may, I quickly retreat to the state of being a vessel in the hands of our MAKER. The temptation to thumb your chest is natural but it goes on to limit what more can be achieved, and later rewarded. I choose to invest in the afterlife yet still adhere to the rules of the game.

The bigger picture makes the odds seem totally harmless even though every inch of my body says otherwise. The spirit fights on in a seemingly losing battle that can only be won with the right mind perspective of TRUTH. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of the moment and extend it as far as you can forgetting that each one of these moments simply inhibits a better one coming ahead.

I watched an old man lose a great chunk of his wealth after 30 years of a dedicated work ethic. It did not deter him even though the years were catching up with him; Instead he went back to his basics and soldiered on. This time planning on how his next of kin or in-laws can carry on the legacy. This was a man sold to destiny but not necessarily of the after-life that I personally seek.

Many do it as a challenge bestowed upon them. The best do it out of a conviction of our MASTER who never gives details of the battle ahead but mesmerizes the mind with a picture of the finished accomplishment. It is said that a sailor aims for the stars knowing he/she cannot reach them, but the very same stars offer direction onto the real journey and destination ahead.

One would sum it up as life of vanity only to be corrected that to live is for Christ and to die is to gain. Without such motivation, one wonders why else we get so caught up in beating these annoying odds. Plenty of stories have been documented, alas only few original successes have been noted.

History can be very insensitive to unsung heroes yet it is these very same people that literally keep things going in the sense of hope. Their lifestyle is different, their prayers are different, not to mention they seek nothing but glory for their MAKER.

That is the true reason for ‘defying the odds’.