The temptation to be with the crowd is quite over bearing yet my MASTER continues to beckon me to stand alone. HE says that it is the only way that all can eventually come to pass. HIS words quench the loneliness I feel inside and at the same time gives me strength to soldier on ; On a journey that only a chosen few can dare, or even think of treading.

I have seen others try the same only to fall in dismay because they try to do it in the flesh. A prayer is not enough, meditation is not enough, you must totally yield to the journey ahead of no return which happens to have few if any friends that understand the plight.

A day at a time I begin to realise that this is what I was born for and probably this is what I may eventually die for. Deep contemplation keeps me alive and well but there are moments of sad retreat as is expected. Why must it be like this I ask some times ?

HIS ways are not ours and they will never be for all eternity. It may be a great topic of discussion in the next life depending on who will make it. The rules of engagement continue to get tougher and tougher but I am equally equipped to the task that lays ahead. Funny enough, sleep is never deprived because I dwell in HIM at all times, even in the night when all is silent.

It is surprising that those that care for me gain a lot of strength from my trials, not to mention inspiration that is rare in the world that we live in today. Gadgets are turned off, as we expose ourselves to a purity that can only be found in HIM as we stand individually with HIM.

I never thought that I will make it this far as I look behind at how far I have come despite the overwhelming odds. This is preparation for greater things ahead that can only be understood with a certain frame of mind-set orchestrated by my FATHER.

Continue to stand alone HE says; HE never gives the explanation but since HE engineered by being, I am left with no choice. It may never make sense in this world but I am confident it will come to pass in the world to come. Eyes have not seen ears have not heard, the good book says. What more consolation does a man need as he treks the path.

Don’t get me the wrong way when I push you a way for a while. It’s just that we all have to run our own races not necessarily for the swift. The love for HIS will for my life has brought me this far hence I thank him as I….STAND ALONE !