I have moved beyond the red line that I was warned never to cross by man. I dared myself to cross it thinking I would easily come back only to realise that I had arrived at a point of no return. It feels comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time yet glamorous to those who haven’t yet achieved such a fit.

Spent most of my life thinking that I was not  or much less interested in this level of operation as I have always been a simple creature with simple habits. Now I have attracted the attention of great men who came before me that are curious as to why I am still not certain of this fit.

Mockery is eminent as I continue to receive every day both verbally and otherwise.They never thought that such a creature can achieve such greatness with no formal deliberate training. Spent a lot of my time in prayer but not because of desire or lack for that matter, but a chance to have a connection with the other side. Where I am doesn’t feel like home and as such, it will never be.

I always thought that material things count for much but then again one eventually realizes that it counts for nothing. Especially in the right frame of mind such as the one I continue to evolve slowly with time. I gave myself timelines and deadlines to achieve certain goals only to realise that the journey never peaks nor ends at any given point.

I only wish I knew earlier what it meant to serve my Master in this way even though the process was necessary. Where do I go from here is what I ask myself as man continues to offer me different options and ideologies. None of which make sense to a mind such as mine that is tuned to the notions of TRUTH. I was many times told to soldier on by my spiritual mentors and it felt difficult to do so inspite of it being my ultimate destiny.

Am on the next level and I realise that I no longer associate with those of the level that was prior to this one. The solution is to employ new measures and tactics because the enemy equally has followed me right on my tail. The deception is far deeper than I ever anticipated and am required to be on the alert at all times and seasons.

I pray that I do not lose focus on the prize which happens to be the ultimate crown of life offered only to those that make it to the other side. The preparation has been nerve racking and I felt like I will never be ready to function even though I make it look easy. My FATHER is with me every step of the way and this gives me just enough comfort as I continue to explore this adventure.

Never thought I would make it to the NEXT LEVEL !