I was ordered to match as many times as possible around the wall with no end in sight. The Israelites were given a limit but that was the old testament God. The New Testament God just requires the faith of a mustard seed to get it done. Instructions continue to be more and more vague as my relationship with HIM continues to grow.

Just when HE gets predictable in my day to day life, all of a sudden, HE flips the script and gives almost impossible demands. Though l have complete confidence in HIS judgement, I cant help but fill uncertain time to time. Those around me don’t see the point because why not just settle with what the world has to offer. This I contemplate with all due respect.

Please be gentle with me, I beg. The more I make such a request, the more complicated and baffling life becomes so I choose to pray for inner peace as I ask myself whether I have the strength to pull down the walls of Jericho ? Ofcourse not. At least not on my own but with the assistance of my Creator who demands total and absolute allegiance. Indeed we serve a jealous God as they say of which man takes for granted totally oblivious of the consequences of HIS wrath.

I know how to match around the wall but what is being demanded sounds unreasonable to my earthly understanding. So I take it on as the usual challenge that HE continues to give men on a constant basis as we approach the return of the Messiah.

‘Will these walls ever collapse ?’ I ask. HE tells me not to worry but to instead be patient because the results will be worthwhile for all eternity. This is a thought that very few minds understand including my own sometimes, yet clearly all I have to do is to obey and stand firm.

The match is tedious and mundane to say the least and this time I don’t have the pleasure of company as the Israelites did. To give up would be to forfeit the ultimate prize which happens to be the crown of life. I have never heard of anyone who has completed such an undertaking, so I take it as my own race to finish without any complaints like the ungrateful ones did.

It used to be a privilege whenever a task was put before me, but this time it feels otherwise as it requires total dependence on my Maker every step of the way. Will I finish my race ? That remains to be seen by those who doubt my conviction.

I look into the sky to understand the fate of such a journey and end up with a vague understanding of what the end game is. That’s what makes it so interesting as opposed to always having my way.

I believe that the walls of Jericho will eventually collapse even though the price will be dear to pay.

Cheers !