I thought I was complete until I was reminded of how broken I am on the inside much less the outside as well. They say life is a journey that is already pre-determined by a higher power that I fondly refer to as FATHER. This is not for lack of a better reference but actually happens to be how HE is widely known to those who accept HIS will.

I had ambition, vision, goals, targets preceded with a game plan to have all these aspects achieved within a time frame knowing that life is short. Progress was being made in my younger years as I was frequently taunted as the ‘next one’ by my peers and mentors.

How could one possess such precise understanding of life before even experiencing it. This puffed me up a bit and made me subtly proud and sometimes outright arrogant and obnoxious as I grew up. Any wise man would have the same conclusion of me then, but lately, there has been a change of heart.

I have succumb to the whims of the POTTER as HE shapes me into what I am to become in HIS infinite understanding. Resistance was the order of the day at first until my spirit was advised otherwise. A painful process indeed as I had to let go of everything I thought I was in the flesh initially. Thought it would be swift and painless but it turned out to be a protracted grave and nerve wrecking endless process.

Sleep has never be deprived as anticipated, instead every thought has been held captive with such ruthless handling like I have never encountered before in my short life. The good book indeed says that we are all a work in progress with no exception to the rule. Didn’t understand it prior to reading it, hence it has been a long journey between me and my MAKER that I believe will not end any time soon as I would wish it would.

I wake up every morning to this reality yet fail to comprehend it in its entirety bringing me to a place of humility and meekness in the face both adversity and celebration.

Who would have thought that such a gifted person, as many would describe me, would end up living a life of endless discipline and chastisement as if I did something terribly wrong. I choose to stay the course of the POTTER as it begins to become the only course assigned to the vessel I have become.

He gave us will power with conditions that we should align it with HIS to become fully productive in this life and the next. Sounds charming even though this prerequisite comes with certain tough and impossible conditions that can only be over come through faith and obedience.

The conclusion is that the church, just like a human being is a ‘work in progress’.