What Is Next?

I pray to my Master for a sense of purpose and destiny so that I can fill alive. Alas, one is given to me but it is to be completed after a set season. What am I to do after this season is over; ask for another task?

Many have experienced the same fate as the above only to realize that it is all vanity. Leaders work tirelessly to accomplish missions that prove so elusive that it makes them fear for those who come after them.

Each man and woman is born for a certain purpose to be concluded at a certain point of time, after which, they seize to exist or rather remain redundant till the end. Why did HE design this in such a fashion? Why not keep us busy for life as we prepare for the next? The answer lies with those who dare to live as they continue to die to their impulses on a daily basis.

Standing ovations are offered to those who complete their respective agendas regardless whether it was upon them to complete it or maybe someone just handed it to them since they seemed fit for the job.

A leader must have a vision but only the Master is in position to dictate this path in totality. We cannot say a vision is to be attained at a certain point but rather it continues to be a state or a way of understanding, as the Messiah intimated to the people of that time.

It is not a race to be won but on the contrary, a race to be simply finished. That’s is why we continue to be lost hence the birth of the Good Book to guide us in the life we continue to live but fail to fully understand.

What next? Most would intimate one to take a vacation and think about it, but if you really must know, learn to delight in HIS presence for as long as you exist because HE only exists in the present. It is not so difficult to understand this, but if so, try saying a prayer at least once day and start the journey from there.

The question in conclusion is really how do you feel right now as opposed to anticipating a time or a feeling to be indulged in future. I fear for those who don’t comprehend but celebrate for those who practice this.

Eternity has no beginning and has no end. Whatever is next is experienced in the presence. It is only sad that most cannot even fathom this understanding and many that do, are oblivious of…. What’s next?