I have been tormented by my tormentors for as long as I can recall without any particular reason probably because I possess something that they so wish to have. Forgiveness is my response each time they attack me even though every inch of my flesh seeks retaliation. It’s the best kind of purge for the flesh as it is so mentioned in the good book several times.

Over and above forgiveness I go ahead to turn the other cheek. The Psalmist responds by asking his MASTER, but for how long shall this continue ; When will you rescue me from my enemies ; When will you avenge the deeds that they continue to perform against with the intention of utter destruction.

It is said in the New Testament that vengeance is for the Lord. Who am I to doubt such a statement but I am warned not to gloat over the end of my detractors, for the same end will be extended upon me in equal measure. Wrath from my FATHER is unthinkable because I still cannot fathom HIS depth of understanding neither do I dare oppose HIS word as spoken many times in HIS known book.

I am beginning to detect an end to those that have frequently opposed HIS will through me, to the extent that HE lets me order some of the actions that they are to endure for these attempts on my life. Initially, it shook me to the core to be the one to lead the onslaught on my offenders but one day at a time I get used to the idea that I have been granted all access for my faithfulness.

Details are not important but the end game is quite straight forward for that is what am focused on. How does it feel like to lead an army to war ? A question of curiosity that lingers my mind and at the same time bestows honor to the thought of even being considered for such a task.

HE has become my friend and confidant in equal measure because of this. Man cannot offer the kind of comfort I need in the face of these new unexpected unfoldings in my life. Its easy to criticize those at the fore front of such decisions without understanding the birth of civilization and it’s eminent departure from the ways of its CREATOR.

This is, as many times said, a point of no return. There will be wars and rumors of wars as HIS son pronounced during HE’s time with us in the flesh. How do you suspend or much less stop the inevitable.

I forgave my opposers a long time ago yet they insist on making more attempts on my existence. Every day trying to cross my path in order to provoke  a response. Finally they shall have it, not because I say so but only because HE chooses to activate me as a vessel to initiate HIS plans.

Truly……….Vengeance is for the LORD ALMIGHTY !