Didn’t think much about it growing up yet it surrounded me like a plague. They said I had what it takes plus I was not apologetic about it especially for the fact that I was hesitant to display it. My MASTER loves to be honored and orders us to give the same to our parents irrespective of their backgrounds or inclinations for that matter.

I did not know what it meant to be honored for a greater part of my life. It left me perplexed and disoriented every time I encountered such a circumstance. Watched great men honored by fellow men but it was nothing but a picture to be marveled and quickly passed on for the next one. HE said honor ME and later on sooner or later I will honor you.

Only a fool spits in the face of honor. With that said, maybe I was close to becoming one growing up in surroundings of my childhood. I watched politicians clamor for positions of power and honor which left nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth since I was more concerned with getting the job done.

I once scored a field goal out of turn on the soccer pitch because my friends were too busy arguing who would do the honors of taking the free kick. Nobody dared questioned me for this, even for the fact that I scored the goal or maybe it could have been worse had I not scored. But that is a story for another day.

HE always hides the beautiful things of life in the most unlikely of places or sometimes the most hideous of places. Who would have thought the great men of the day had it in them growing up only to have situations thrust them forward into history books almost as revered as the good book with all due respect.

Nowadays I’d like to be honored time to time but not for frivolous accomplishments but for actions inspired by my FATHER so that I can give all the glory back to HIM. An honorable thing to say, wouldn’t you say so ? I dare say.

I would like to think that to be honored is only for the purpose to give back the honor to the one who bestows it upon us, and that is our PROVIDER in heaven. Yahweh HIMSELF.