I see an honor bestowed by an Act of God even though we all rush to the ballot for our favorite pick. Ever since the Israelites screamed for a human king, democracy became an inevitable vice birthed into humanity. Atleast one can say that the Israelites had theirs hand picked while todays leader is not exactly so as then. Many wish it were so but the Creator thought otherwise after multiple failings of the old testament iron fist.

I think leadership is easy for a leader since the system is designed to cater for their every need every hour of the day. When to read, when to discuss, when to think or even when to indulge with immediate family. The only cross effect is if the leader turns into a crazy lunatic leading to the disqualification of such a man by the rules of the system.

What do I feel upon the demise of such a leader ? Why am I saddened even though I never got to meet this honorable figure ? Could be that the design was to be as such for modern times, as medieval times had a different understanding of life in itself as it was redesigned by the Messiah’s resurrection.

Every word spoken, every will enforced, every deed intended or not intended was perceived as a demi-god’s action even though the figure is simply a human within reach of the instruments of power. I would say that such a figure is over exaggerated both positively and negatively. Be that as it may, as an act of God, then I would proceed to conclude that he/she only serves the interests of his/her MASTER. Whether willingly or unwillingly.

I have never met a president in my short life or probably I will be such a figure in future to understand more about his duties and lifestyle. Having said that, it begs the question. I wonder what makes one want to be such a tyrant as is the case in this part of the world ? I think it could be the lust for power bestowed by a force greater than mankind. Some would argue that this force is not necessarily God but a subject of fate.

I digress. I believe a President is bequeathed as an act of the Holy One. I believe that if this true, then he/she still serves the end game which is to forward our MASTER’s interests on earth of which will come to an end on a chosen day only known to HIM.

Who wants to be the President ? You ? Presidents are born, not elected. God bless.