I thought it was a race to finish first past the finishing line until, alas, I was told I simply had to finish my race. I couldn’t understand the logic behind the requirement since all I understood in life was how to get ahead of the pack. I am not even permitted to look on either side of my track to comprehend my position. This would beat the purpose all the same, and serve to diminish the art of serving your MASTER.

My eyes begun to focus on the horizon ahead of me as I pondered on what prize I would come to possess upon completion. I always thought of myself as a crafty individual with the ability to morph into any disposition in life. How wrong I was until I suffered the embarrassment of having to ask for directions as I got lost in this new phase of my life.

I realized the master’s marathon was only understood fully by the MASTER HIMSELF, and that all I had to do was to continuously seek HIS face. I didn’t know how to do this until I discovered the mystery found in the good book. A book that is almost written in complete oblivion of what point it is to put across. Only as if it was made for a few chosen people as the rest of us keep on searching for the purpose and meaning of life. How wrong I was again as I proceeded with the race of all time.

I stopped being a competitor and became a student of my VINDICATOR, as I came to understand HIM better. HE  told me that I never had to bother with direction nor was I to bother so much with progression. I only had to run like any moment would be the end and any end would be the moment. What a paradox I thought. Never have I been intrigued to this level before as the steps became more deliberate in assertion and accurate in execution. A feeling that I relished.

I love this race. I feel complete in this race. All I have to do is to finish this race. Words became deeds, while deeds became actions as I continued on my journey. I wonder when this race will be over so that I can be comforted by the thought of satisfaction in doing what I was born for; Or maybe my CREATOR has something in mind as HE continues to guide me in an opaque manner, to the extent that I feel lost half the time.

I now believe that the MASTER’S marathon is more than just a race to finish, but also a mission to complete in good time as prescribed by HE who invented or created the race. Now I know one thing that is very crucial in all of this, and that is, THE MASTER IS IN FULL CONTROL.