I observe that the stage has been set for the game of all games that involves characters little known but yet to be fully accepted. A game that is played by visionaries of great understanding. There is a lot of back and forth not to mention hazardous situations orchestrated in these events as I proceed to understand it.

I am told that if you are not prepared to give it your all, you probably wont make it to the next round where there will be victory in the form of a life of supremacy. It is said that heaven will not be the same for everyone. There will be a question of hierarchy and position in accordance with those that completed their purpose in this life.

How does one participate in this play I asked ? It begins with studying of the good book as those who came before us did. This reveals secrets deeply related with each person in existence as pertaining their existence. The Messiah only understood his mission upon doing the same with history books at HIS time. Some say that he never knew who HE was or what HE was supposed to do for a larger part of HIS younger life before commencing HIS ministry at the time until HE sunk his mind in the literature of the time.

I begin to understand that every person has a role to play in the game of life as stipulated by the MASTER. We were created to play this game with all we had going for us, including giving all our heart to the cause.

One would ask why but the question is as good as answered by those who take the trouble to play and find out. In the beginning there was only God seeking an encounter with a being that HE created in HIS own image. This being was later compromised thus creating the need for play to bring back the initial plan set for our existence.

I have come to believe that this is not a science as each one has a different play to this game hence studying one play is only to understand fundamentals and not details. I would say that many fail to play this game as they are overtaken by the worries and cares of this world in so living it. I realise that it takes real courage to stand out and be who you are called to be in this game of life.

That is why I choose to play for my MAKER.