I thought I would be nervous but far from it I was up to the task even though the congregation seemed keen on putting me off. I was informed a week in advance which meant seven days of preparation was to commence so I looked for a notepad and a bible to start the process. The topic came to mind with the guidance of the holy spirit though how to execute seemed like a distant task.

Everybody heard about my new endeavor within that same week so the hype was well underway in spite of my quiet demeanor about the whole thing. Should I add as many jokes as possible or should I worry about having as many scriptures as possible ? This was the bone in contention. I chose neither as I begun to do what I do whenever composing a lyric in the studio. I chose to freestyle the agenda and let the spirit decide.

Many of my family members new nothing of this task bestowed upon me entering the new year of God’s blessings among other things. I remember jotting down a few scriptures and notes on a piece of paper on day one but not a single soul knew about the topic revealed to me in my spirit by my MASTER in heaven much less if I was actually going to attempt this onslaught.

Day 2 was relaxing as I studied a few programs on television while making sure that I had in mind what I was going to execute in the next 5 days. Its amazing what my FATHER will do when a soul is in total obedience to HIS will. It felt natural, as if I had done this one hundred and one times before in another life ; probably in the next life as we patiently wait for it.

Day 7 arrived and it was time to unleash the beast in the new church that I had come to call home. The same church that wedded my parents a good number of years ago.

There was no power in the lines hence no microphone was available for the sermon. The hymns were sung in such dull undertones that I wondered whether my first sermon was worth the trouble. Nevertheless, the moment of truth arrived and it was time to speak.

Not an ounce of nervousness was felt on my side as the words started proceeding out of my mouth as my CREATOR chose to use the vessel to prove a point. It felt like a rush half way through but I managed to keep my composure in top shape. This was definitely going to be a day to be remembered by many. Family was not present but everyone else was, so it is safe to say that I was a man on a mission.

The sermon ended with one soul coming to Christ to the amazement of all that were present. Glory be to God for my first ever sermon. Amen.