I used to be comfortable with my situation until I witnessed a better situation. A method my MASTER uses to get the attention of HIS loved and chosen ones. It never looked that enticing to me until it was flashed before me, and now I can’t help but feel a sense of discomfort with my current situation of life.

I think this is the motivation HE uses to get me to do something with my life out of the ordinary so as to shine HIS glory. I hesitate to plan not more than a day ahead such as what the Israelites were told after receiving manna from heaven to eat. Think of today only, I have been told, and tomorrow will take care of itself but be cautious not to be greedy with the spoils.

Actions and deeds that I used to feel normal executing now have proven a bit compromising, somewhat difficult to accomplish. Its like my favorite dish has been added a twisted flavor that completely changes its appeal making it less palatable than usual. Why do I suddenly feel this sense of discomfort I ask ? Probably because my CREATOR is preparing a blessing that will require a new way of functioning in the flesh from the past.

Never have I felt this discomfort like what is upon me this season. It must be a great thing that is coming my way. Whether to endure or just change the way I approach life is a question that lingers in my mind but something tells me the later is to be adhered to until the end if ever I am to progress in my endeavors.

All familiarity is no more, as I seek to understand this new place that I have been brought to. A place that seems to have been customized only for myself. I can tell it is so because I seem to stand out from the crowd each time I try to fit in. I find this experience unique in the sense that I am not one to cower in the face of a challenge especially one that challenges my faith.

I wonder how many have treaded a similar path much less successful at completing it because I find my journey quite taxing, if not, devastating to say the least. Faces have become blurry as I look for those who usually stand by my side only to realize that they are not with me anymore.

Could it be that my conclusion of it being a test bares any truth or could it be that I merely keep waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning.

This discomfort is real but so is the CREATOR in heaven.